World bank ease of doing business report 2009

Visit Enterprise Surveys on Facebook. Doing Business does not measure all aspects of the business environment that matter to firm or investors, such as the macroeconomic conditions, or the level of employment, corruption, stability or povertyin every country.

Contents[ edit ] Inthe study contains quantitative measures of regulations for starting a businessdealing with construction permitsemploying workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investorstaxestrading across bordersenforcing contractsgetting an electricity connection and closing a business.

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Ranking of economies was introduced in the "Doing Business " report. By contrast, in Chad which ranked among the worst st out of on this same subindex, there are 9 procedures required to start a business taking 62 days to complete.

To achieve cross-country standardization respondents are asked to give estimates for a limited liability company of a specific size. The report takes into consideration the ease of obtaining construction permits, getting electricity, enforcing contracts, registering property and trading across borders among other parameters.

InDoing Business covered regulations measured from June through May Also, Doing Business highlights every year the successful reforms carried out by each country.

Some caveats regarding the rankings and main information presented have to be considered by every user of the report. Aggregates are calculated as the average of available data for each time period. The eventual target is to break into the league of the Top 50 in the world.

Results may be inappropriate e. InDoing Business covered regulations measured from June through June in economies. Choose input indicators by clicking on the desired series in the panel and use the calculator functions to construct your custom indicator formula.

Mangaung Municipality in Bloemfontein was most impressive with its automated municipal processes having halved the time needed to transfer property from just over seven weeks to three weeks. The report found that in the three years since the last study, Cape Town, eThekwini, Johannesburg, Mangaung, Nelson Mandela Bay implemented reforms and that four of the reforms improved the conditions for businesses to obtain electricity, while one made it easier to transfer property.

Top sources in the government say an improvement is in the offing since the government has initiated multiple reforms in this direction. Methodology[ edit ] The report is above all, a benchmark study of regulation. The indicators and measures are referred to the costs, requirements and fees of doing business in the country's largest business city; thus conditions elsewhere within the country may differ.

Distance to frontier - Shows the distance of each economy to the "frontier," which represents the highest performance observed on each of the indicators across all economies included since each indicator was included in Doing Business Entrepreneurship - Measures entrepreneurial activity.

World Bank's Ease of Doing Business report out today, and Modi govt can't wait

Values are not computed if more than a third of the observations in the series are missing. The Employing Workers index was revised in Doing Business to be in full compliance with the International Labour Organization conventions.

These rules apply only to custom country groups you have created. For each selected series, choose your Aggregation Rule and Weight Indicator if needed from the corresponding drop-down boxes.

Publishers named above each report are responsible for their own content, which AllAfrica does not have the legal right to edit or correct. A detailed explanation of every indicator can be found through the DB website, and a.

And, along with Msunduzi, Mangaung was the fastest in contract enforcement. The annual exercise generates information that is relevant and useful. October 31, The estimates assume that a business knows what is required and does not waste time.

Lower barriers to start-up are associated with a smaller informal sector. But the municipality lagged in construction permitting. The added city enables a sub-national comparison and benchmarking against other large cities. It analyzes legal differences on the basis of gender in economies, covering seven areas: Several have explicitly targeted to reach a minimum position on the index, for example the top 25 list.

Thia map shows ease of doing business index, which ranks economies from 1 towith first place being the best. A high ranking means that the regulatory environment is conducive to business.

Sustainable Business provides daily green news from across the world. Chile’s “post-filing” index (which reflects the ease of obtaining tax refunds and resolving errors) was recorded as out of in “Doing Business ”. 13 days ago · Ease of doing business improves for SA cities - World Bank report Economy / 20 Septemberpm / ANA Reporter Deputy minister of finance, Mondli Gungubele, said the National Treasury welcomed the report as it provided a baseline from which to measure the progress of South African municipalities.

boosted UAE’s overall ranking in Ease of Doing Business for by 22 positions, from 68 in the report to 46 in The Doing Business Report, undertaken annually by the World Bank, provides objective evaluations of business regulations and their enforcement across economies and selected cities at the sub-national and regional level.

with information on ordering the report, are available on the Doing Business website ( Except for the Paying Taxes indicator that refers to the period January to December of

World bank ease of doing business report 2009
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Ghana Improves In World Bank Ease Of Doing Business Report - Business World Ghana